Roulette Secrets Unveiled

Roulette Secrets Unveiled

A Complete Step-By-Step Treatment of'The Difference System'A...

A Complete Step-By-Step Treatment of'The Difference System'A System So Powerful Effective The Casinos Will Not Know What Hit ThemWith over 24 years of experience playing and researching the game of roulette, Dr.

Young K. Lim has finally developed a really unique, simple, but extremely powerful system of analysis to swing the advantage in favour of the player.

'The Difference System' is indeed a different and exciting approach never before made public; only a small group of people have had the privilege to learn the system and strategies by attending private workshops conducted by Dr.

Lim. This book is based primarily on materials used during those workshops, but with the addition of the latest 'Dynamic-D' strategy. Anyone thinking of playing roulette in any capacity should read this book, and this is a MUST READ for anyone contemplating a professional career playing roulette.

The book is fully illustrated with each step clearly explained. * Powerful analysis technique helps you identify 'What numbers to bet'* Effective betting strategies tells you 'How much to bet and when to bet'* Dynamic-D strategy helps minimize your risk on progressive betting* Logical, very easy to follow master* Learn how you can win consistently by 'not gambling', but by treating roulette playing as a business* Contains over 150+ illustrations with fully-instructional texts written in an easy-to-understand styleOver 190+ pages of Power-packed information that every serious roulette player should know!

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Roulette Secrets Unveiled


Roulette Secrets Unveiled

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